Pointman Consulting LLC provides breakthrough business coaching, leadership development, executive coaching and organizational development consulting to entrepreneurs, managers, executives, and progressive organizations.

Business Coaching:
Our executive coaching and organizational development programs support business professionals and companies working to optimize job performance and more quickly achieve businesses objectives. We do this work though a series of powerful executive coaching sessions designed to quickly identify and clear any mental, emotional, and energetic roadblocks that get in the way of achieving the outcomes we're working toward. For more on executive coaching, please click here.

Business Advising:
We also partner with our clients as a Business Advisor, to provide leadership support in areas of strategic business planning, forecasting, and loan package development. Whether the objectives are growth, financing, or reinforcing the business infrastructure, we help companies stay on track. For more on business advising, please click here.

A Holistic Approach:
Our holistic approach to business consulting combines powerful leadership development work with strategic business advising for optimized business performance.

You can read more about our work with business professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, and executives online at View Noah Brockman, MBA's LinkedIn profileLinkedIn and Google business listing for Pointman Consulting Google.

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